How do I register for the Freson Bros. Smart Shopper program?
Fill out the form: here to get started. Once you have entered your email address you will need to complete your full profile and you will be ready to SHOP-EARN-SAVE! 

Is there a bonus offer when you sign-up?
Yes! When you sign up whether you have done this in-store, using the Freson Bros. app, or through the website & you have filled out your profile in its entirety you will receive 5,000 points from us to you!  If you have filled out your profile and have NOT received your 5,000 bonus points, please fill out our inquiry form found under the Smart Shopper menu item or email

How do I earn Smart Shopper points?
Earning points is hassle free! Just shop! For every $1.00 spent on eligible items in-store, you will receive 10 points. Items excluded from earning points are gift cards, phone cards, prescriptions, taxes and bottle deposits, tobacco and lottery, alcohol, and customer service. There are more opportunities to earn through personalized bonus offers via email.  

How can I redeem Smart Shopper points?
As soon as you have 10,000 Smart Shopper points, you can redeem for up to $10.00 worth of free items at any Freson Bros. store. Every 10,000 points are equivalent to $10 of free product and items! For every 5000 points, you earn after this 

If you're saving your rewards, further rewards are earned in increments of 5,000 points after you have reached the 10,000 point mark ($10, $15, $20, etc...).  

I am missing points.
If you are missing points from a transaction, bonus points, or profile enrolment points, please fill in our inquiry form here or email

Do Smart Shopper points expire?
No, Smart Shopper points do not expire, however, after a 12 month period of inactivity your Smart Shopper account will go into inactive status.

Will I receive personalized offers based on my purchases?
Yes! Watch your email for weekly offers and added opportunities to earn.  

How do I receive a key fob?
Requesting a key fob is easy. Just fill out the form here (scroll down the page to the form on the right-hand side) and make sure you select "Request Key Fob" from the options under "What can we help you with". Then, fill in your information and we will send your key fob directly to the address that is registered to your account. 

I am receiving an error message when I sign up.
We apologize you have received an error message on our website. Please fill out the form on the right or email and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.